Guests exploring the wonders of nature in our laboaratory
Guests exploring the wonders of nature in our laboaratory

Biology Laboratory

The biology lab provides guests with facilities to take a closer look at nature and add another dimension to their holiday. A selection of microscopes and hand lenses are provided together with activity sheets, books, identification guides and suggestions to provide exciting introductions to the natural world. 

Whether it’s a leaf from a tree or microscopic organisms from the pond, stream or sea, the microscopes and viewing aids provide a fascinating insight to an amazing world for both children and adults to enjoy.

The laboratory provides a wonderful opportunity for adults and children to get hands- on experience with nature or to nurture the ologist in us all.

From Spring to Autumn we strive to provide an observation bee-hive; a working glass walled hive where viewers can get a privileged view of the fascinating and complex activities that occur in that hidden world inside a honey bee hive - without the sting! 


Craft Area

If crafts are your pleasure, why not spend a few hours to create your own souvenirs or gifts, a little beachcombing can provide a wealth of interesting shells, driftwood or artefacts which can be used to create beautiful mementos or gifts.

Suggestions and examples (shell mirrors, cards, wind chimes, signs etc) are provided together with a selection of materials to get you started regardless of skill level.

This facility is great for adults and children to share activities in all weathers and has been so welcome on that "occasional" rainy day!

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